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To ensure that every GOALS participant has the opportunity to grow via an athletic, educational, and service based opportunity in the summer, Dave Wilk began the GOALS for Camp Valcrest initiative in early 2020. Thus far, a select team of GOALS coaches have tackled the restoration efforts to revive and maintain the previously dormant Camp Valcrest in the Angeles National Forest. Nestled in the San Bernardino mountain range, the camp holds fifteen historic structures across roughly fourteen acres of property. 

GOALS for Valcrest intends to serve 200-1000 GOALS participants annually through a free traditional camp experience, job and volunteer opportunities, and open access to natural spaces. While most of our current participants live in the greater Anaheim area, expanding our programs to the Angeles National Forest will also expand our program’s reach to include youth living in Los Angeles County via our formal agreement with the LA Parks and Recreation to operate the camp. 

The services provided to our participants will begin in the Summer of 2022 as GOALS moves to complete the restoration of the historic Camp Valcrest property to host future campers. A group of our 2022 AmeriCorps Summer Associates will begin aiding in the restoration efforts during their 10 week service. Led by full-time GOALS staff with decades of experience in construction, these volunteers will work 40 hour weeks alongside part-time youth volunteers. Our youth volunteers comprise our GOALS Cadets Summer Program, who engage in summer service opportunities to better their communities. All of our volunteers receive mentoring, resume experience, college/high school credit via internship hours, team building, professional experience, access to natural spaces, and a highly meaningful summer opportunity.

Spend your summer at Valcrest!

If you are interested in assisting with our Camp Valcrest project, please click the link below to find out more about a paid volunteer opportunity with GOALS!  

The Cadets and ValTech interns take a trip to the camp for a tour, led by our executive director Dave Wilk.

A Trip to Camp!
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