West Anaheim ABC Community 

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

GOALS has recently launched a multi-year community improvement project in West Anaheim called GOALS - A Better Community initiative or " ABC". Centered off Alameda, Brownwood and Catalina, this grossly underserved community has been ruined by gang violence, graffiti and neglect. 

GOALS initial plan for 2018 will be to clean and improve the common land and clubhouse areas which are currently in terrible and dangerous conditions. Once renovations and the beatification of the community and clubhouse are completed, GOALS will be able to introduce FREE athletic and after school educational programs and summer camps!

in order to complete such a huge task, we are in urgent need of help and support. Please contact GOALS headquarters or go to our "Get Involved" page to help. With your generous donations and service, we can bring families, children and the community education, activities and support that they have long needed!