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ABC Community
(West Anaheim)

The West Anaheim ABC Community Clubhouse serves as a drop-in center that offers a variety of activities free of cost to children within the age of 4-18 years old. The Clubhouse is open Monday through Friday from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. GOALS has introduced FREE athletic coaching, after school educational programs, field trips, and summer camps to support the children and families within the community. The “ABC'' program has been designed to provide this daily “safe harbor” for our children within the community. 

Meet our ABC Coaches


Cielo Elda Rivas

Development Coordinator


Jazlin Gordillio
ABC Program Development Coordinator


Sally Olea
ABC Program Development Coordinator

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ABC Community Videos

ABC Community Videos

About ABC and Services Offered


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ABC Community Events 

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GOALSgiving is a new tradition ABC started November, 2021. Wanting to spread love and get into the holiday spirit, ABC was able to receive donations from friends, family and staff members. With these donations, it was made possible for ABC to create individual Thanksgiving baskets for the families in the community. 


ABC Yard Sale 2024

The ABC GOALS yard sale began in the summer of 2020. Thanks to GOALS coaches, staff and friends there were hundreds of clothes, non-perishable foods, toys and home goods that have been donated. The ABC community is always welcomed with open arms during these events to come and grab anything they may be in need of all free of cost.

Weekly Field Trips

The GOALS ABC community has free weekly field trips for children ages 6 and up. All students are provided with transportation to and from all field trips. All field trips take place at a variety of different locations such as the Anaheim Ice Rink, bowling alleys, the beach, community parks and local trail hikes. Keep an eye out for GOALS one-of-a-kind blue busses around Anaheim city. 

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As a nonprofit, GOALS welcomes various types of donations at any given moment. Donations we accept include: youth clothing (ages 6-14), art supplies, office supplies, lightly-used sports equipment, bookshelves, and any other items that can be used in our clubhouse. GOALS Nonprofit appreciates any donations that are provided for the youth.

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