GOALS serves thousands of underserved youth throughout Orange County and is always looking to expand our programs, build enrichment and improve the lives of the youth within our community. The following options are a few ways to collaborate and help GOALS today!


Corporate Partnership

Companies that partner with us aren’t just giving their employees a tangible way to make a difference in Anaheim community. By helping us serve low-income, high needs youth in Orange County through athletics, learning and service, businesses are laying the foundation for our county’s long-term economic growth.

In the Classroom

School Partnerships

GOALS is always looking to expand our programs to the youth of Orange County. If you are interested in having GOALS run an after-school program in your district please contact our headquarters.


Community Partnerships

For over 20 years GOALS has been determined to address our community's needs. In order to continue to do so, we need the help of other organizations within the community. If you would like to assist GOALS, whether through providing us with materials, hosts sites, transportation or other resources please contact us today!


Committed to the Cause