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Martin B. Wilk Sunshine Fund

Make a Difference Today

Periodically, unique and special needs arise among the thousands of youngsters involved with GOALS on an annual basis. These circumstances can range from tragic situations such as a shooting that left one GOALS teen paralyzed or other GOALS youth that have suffered from cancer. In early 2014, GOALS Executive Director Dave Wilk announced the creation of a special fund to address, at least in part, some of these situations that the larger community and team oriented programs of GOALS are not designed for. The Martin B. Wilk Sunshine Find is names in honor of Dave Wilk's father who had a remarkable private and public sector career and who took great pride in watching the growth of GOALS over the years. The seed money for the fund is being supplied by the extended Wilk Family and the hope is that a series of modest personal grants can help to relieve personal hardships in a compassionate way for years to come. 

For anyone interested in donating specifically to this fund, Please contact Dave Wilk directly at GOALS

(714) 956-4625

Or by e-mail to

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