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Make A Donation

We appreciate your consideration in donating to GOALS!

Your donation, whether small or big, will make an impact in the life of low-income youth and adults with disabilities throughout Orange County, particularly those in Anaheim, Placentia, and Huntington Beach. 

GOALS is so diverse when it comes to its programmatic aspects that there are various ways that you can provide your support. Below, please see a list of commonly used items and materials. If you have any questions regarding potential donations or wish to donate items that are not listed below, please feel free to contact the GOALS team through the various portals identified within the "Contact Page". Someone will gladly be able to assist you. Thank you for your donation, it is greatly appreciated!


Sports Equipment

GOALS programs are always in need of sports gear in order to continue to serve youth and adults with disabilities through athletics and physical fitness. Equipment for the following sports will be greatly appreciated: ice hockey, roller hockey, softee hockey, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, olympic handball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, etc. General gear for athletics and fitness activities are also accepted. Such options include: cones, jerseys, air pumps, water bottles, weights, duffle bags, etc.

If you would like to make an equipment donation, please contact the GOALS Headquarters to schedule a drop off. 

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School Supplies

Since GOALS operates multiple programs in collaboration with local educational agencies, academics and educational enrichment have alway been a core focus when thinking about youth development. Because of this, GOALS is always in need of school supplies to support these programmatic aspects. Such supplies can include: pencils, erasers, markers, crayons, colored pencils, rulers, paper, construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, clay, oil pastels, clip boards, expo markers, books, board games, etc.​​

If you're interested in making a donation of school supplies, please contact the GOALS Headquarters to schedule a drop off. 


Office Supplies

With the vast amount of opportunities GOALS operates on a yearly basis, office supplies are always appreciated in order to ensure programmatic aspects are coordinated promptly and at a high quality. Commonly used office supplies include: printing paper (white and color), pens, binder clips, paper clips, staplers, filing folders, organizers, binders, folders, white out, post-its, sharpies, highlighters, calendars, white boards, cork boards, butcher paper, push pins, laminating sheets, computers, tablets, speakers, HDMI cords, aux cables, extension cords, flash drives, etc.

If you are interested in donating office supplies, please contact the GOALS Headquarters to schedule a drop off. 

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Service-Learning Materials

Throughout its history, GOALS has prioritized community service projects in order to teach participants about the importance of giving back and caring for their communities. As a results, GOALS is always in need of service-learning materials, which include: shovels, rakes, pruners, shears, hoses, watering canisters, pickaxes, gloves, wheel barrows, ladders, trash bags, seeds, plants, fertilizer, rollers, paint, painters tape, canopies, mops, brooms, cleaning towels, cleaning sprays, wipes, etc.​​

If you would like to donate materials for  service-learning projects, please contact the GOALS Headquarters to schedule a drop off. 


Monetary Donations

Without the help and support of community leaders, donors, and philanthropist, GOALS would not be able to operate all of its programs at NO COST to participants and their families. For over 25 years, GOALS has never charge youth in need for the services and support it provides, which include homework assistance, educational enrichment sessions, athletics, coaching, equipment, field trips, transportation, and much more!


In order to continue to provide free services to the community and to further establish its mission, please consider donating to GOALS today! Please contact the GOALS headquarters to schedule a time to meet for potential financial contributions. 

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