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GOALS for Valadez

GOALS ASES Junior High School Programs: Services
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GOALS has established a 5 day per week after school initiative in partnership with the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD). This initiative is known as "GOALS for Valadez" or "GFV." GFV features various sessions of sports and fitness activities, homework help, nutritional snack time, GOALS curriculum, and weekly film screenings. GFV also offers field trips to a variety of venues including GOALSland (Dreamscape, GOALS Gardens, Lakers Legend Court, Berg Electric, etc.), Anaheim Ice, and Concourse Bowling. Everything including equipment, uniforms, bus transportation, coaching, and educational support is provided FREE OF CHARGE to those enrolled in the program.

What we Offer

Based in a particularly underserved community in the City of Placentia, known as "La Jolla," GOALS made it its mission to provide students attending Valadez Middle School with various enrichment  opportunities, which benefit them academically, athletically, and socially.

Sports and

  • Students learn different techniques and skills for various sports (i.e. soccer, basketball, kickball, olympic handball, ultimate frisbee, softee hockey, etc.)

  • Weekly sports focus

  • Tournaments once a week

  • Fitness to remain healthy

Nutritional Snacks

  • A 20 minute "snack time" is provided to GFV students

  • Nutritional snacks are given to promote growth and health

Homework Help

  • Students are motivated to focus on their education

  • Provided help and support for homework and class assignments


Field Trips

  • Field trips are offered at least twice a week to provide students opportunities they otherwise may not have

  • Locations: Anaheim Ice, Concourse bowling, GOALS Gardens, GOALS Dreamscape


  • GOALS based curriculum that typically focuses on inspirational sports moments and social figures

  • Can take the form of team-building activities, films, worksheets, presentations, and guest speakers


  • G-points are rewarded to GFV students based on their participation, work ethic, and behavior

  • GFV youth may use g-points to "purchase" snacks

  • This provides youth with extra motivation to complete homework assignments and maintain good work ethic

GOALS prides itself in allowing children to build relationships, knowledge, and morals.

GOALS provides children with expanded health opportunities in athletics and learning, thus helping boost excitement and motivation to learn and enhance their skills is an outstanding achievement.

ASES funded programs, like GFV, support low-income and working class families who do not have access to childcare. This saves multiple days of work per year that the parents/guardians would have to otherwise take off

40% of students attending after-school programs improve their reading and math skills. Over 200 youngsters benefit from GFV annually.

Students attending after-school programs, like GFV, have shown an increase in class participation, increase in school attendance, and reduced dropout rates.

Each summer. GFV youth are invited to attend "GOALS Cadets: Summer of Service", a community-service initiative where participants are taught to make an impact in their community through service learning projects. Some service opportunities include beautifying parks, nature centers, community facilities or centers, and other public services. 

Project Sites

Oak Canyon Nature Center, Anaheim Hills Public Golf Course, GOALSland, ABC, Local Parks, Little League Fields, El Modena Nature Center.

Summer of Service

Did You Know ?

Our Lead Coaches

Grace Cardona


Elias Barrios

Meet the Team

Meet the Coaches


Wendy Jauregui

Isha Arora

Nancy Murguia

Gustavo Hernandez

Ivett Morales

"My passion for making a positive impact on kids lives stems from the influence GOALS had on me. GOALS changed my life for the better, and has allowed me to reach my full potential . All I want is for the kids to have the same experience I had."

-Grace Cardona

October 21, 2021

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