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New Year-Round Program

October 01, 2018

For the past 15 years, GOALS and local nonprofit "My Day Counts" have partnered together every summer for the GOALS Cadets Summer of Service. My Day Counts is a nonprofit that trains people with developmental and other physical disabilities for success in life and work.

During the summer program, participants from MDC are able to engage with the GOALS youth cadets and play sports in one of GOALS many facilities. For years this has been a successful and highlighted collaborative. 

Beginning in Fall 2018, GOALS and MDC has decided to expand the program and make it year round. Every week, participants will come to the GOALS facilities and engage in athletics, job training and community gardening. Athletics will range from basketball, soccer, softy hockey and bowling and will be tailored to the needs of the participants. Job training will help participants build skills, learn to follow directions in a work environment and ultimately be employed. Gardening participants will be involved in therapeutic community gardening, learn gardening skills and how to work together to create a community garden. 

After a year this collaborative will serve over 250 participants and we hope that we can grow the program in the years to come!

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